Gillian Robertson

Melting Boundaries

Differing cultures flow together in harmony when they are working towards the same goal. Daily examples can be found in the arts, where art is the language, or a shared joy of sport, where sport is the language. Many Gulf countries have intercultural schools and to a lesser extent, intercultural marriages. Through the project I have been exploring the relationships formed between the British and Arab cultures which is very different from what we see or read in the media, where the truth about cultural and religious interaction in the Gulf region is often manipulated.
It is my hope that my images will inspire those who view them, enabling an understanding that we can, and in many cases do, live together in harmony, whilst embracing and respecting each other’s cultural differences.

Scottish born Gillian Robertson was drawn to photography and studied for a Higher Diploma in Photography at Napier University, Edinburgh, in the 1980s, where she focused on studio work – still life and portraiture. After graduating, she worked within the advertising and design industry as a stylist, creative producer and photographer for many years.
Gillian uprooted in 2015 to live in Ras Al Khaimah. Feeling inspired by new and exciting travel opportunities, she immersed herself in photography once again and established for the local community a beginners’ digital photography course. Gillian’s photograph ‘Hope’ was awarded the 1st Prize at Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival 2019. Her project for The Place I Call Home explores interculturalism and relationships formed between British, Emirati and other nationals within the locality she has made her home.