Mashael Al Hejazi


“What is home from my point of view?
It is the sense of security and tranquility where I find emotions and feelings. It can also be represented as place or a person. The artworks in this exhibition come out of my belief that the spirit of home is reflected in the materiality of the walls, ceiling and furniture. It can be as simple as a window or a door! I first made these works in 2017 in one of the oldest residential neighbourhoods in Qatar, using a number of film cameras. They have been printed using the traditional blue photographic printing process Cyanotype which I found best fitted the subject of images”.

Mashael Al Hejazi is a Qatari photographer, living in Doha. Her passion for photography was ignited when she acquired her first Polaroid and Kodak 110 cameras. She is developing her personal style and searching for authenticity in the digital world, looking at how the past is reflected in the technology of the future. Currently undertaking an artist residency at Fire Station in Doha, Mashael is working with local photographers and projects to capture memories of Doha neighbourhoods for the next generation. Her project Tawtheeq focuses on the people and architecture of old Doha, capturing the rapidly changing daily life in the city. She is using her research into alternative photographic processes as the basis of the project, employing 19th century printing techniques such as Cyanotype and Gum Print.