Luce + Harry

Many Voices, One Nation

Luce + Harry are a recently formed photographic duo using new media, photography, archive material and more to find novel methods of storytelling. The pair like to share positive local level stories that represent larger societal movements. Together their interests span technology, religion, heritage, ethics; and just about anything else with important implications for people today.

Project Brief

The 1956 Hungarian Uprising saw 20,000 migrants enter the UK, fleeing hostile conditions after the revolution was crushed by Soviet forces. Many came to Wales, and 96 were to call Pontypridd their new home, one being Luce’s grandfather. Nearly 65 years later, a new wave of Eritrean refugees are fleeing violence from an oppressive regime, circumstances similarly out of their control. Many have again been welcomed by Wales. Through the process of taking photographs, collating archival footage, and recording interviews, the artists present a narrative that reflects the experiences of Hungarian migrants in Wales; a tale of warmth, assimilation and hard work. Alongside this they have photographed the newly formed Eritrean communities, who are now hoping for the same. The project promotes the welcoming nature of Wales, celebrates the diversity of Welsh people, and shares the hopes and aspirations of the future families of Wales.